Friday, 11 May 2012

The Relationship between points

These following two images show two points in the same frame. This alters the nature of the image because the relationship is now between the points rather than previously where it was between a single point and the frame.

Image 1
Image 1 shows a dog trainer at work with his Springer Spaniel. The fact they are both looking at each other intently adds to the strength of the relationship between them as points in the frame. Because he is larger, the man appears as the stronger point and dominates the image even though he is facing away from us. The relationship between the points creates a virtual space around them and the viewer tends to ignore the rather busy foreground.

Image 2
Image 2 shows a very stark scene with a red kite flying across a blue sky with only the moon for company. Despite the fact the Kite should be the main focal point, the eye is drawn towards the moon as the larger object.

Image 3 - unresolved tension
Image 3 is a very unsettling one due to the unresolved tension between the equidistant points. The viewer's eye has nowhere else to go other than flit between the two equally strong points in the photo (the subject's eyes) and this makes it uncomfortable to view. The lighting makes the right eye slightly more dominant.

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