Friday, 11 May 2012

Elements of Design - Positioning a point

The first exercise in the Elements of Design module is about positioning points in photographs.

The following 3 images have single points in different parts of the frame.

Image 1
 Image 1 shows a Retriever popping his head over a Cotswold stone wall. The dog is at the extreme right hand side of the frame and the line of the wall splits the frame roughly in half horizontally. This results in a rather unbalanced image but I believe it still works to a certain extent because the leading line of the wall takes you into the frame and straight to the main point of the image - the dog popping his head over the wall to say hello. The rather unsettling balance emphasises the fleeting nature of the moment to me although a more balanced crop, with the dog at the intersection of the top and right hand third, would perhaps make a more pleasing image to the eye.

Image 2
Image 2 shows a backlit seagull in a bright blue empty sky. The stark nature of the scene is, I believe, emphasised by placing the gull dead centre of a square crop. This usually leads to a very static image but the point of this photo was not to show the movement of the gull but backlit wings against the empty blue sky. 

Image 3
This third image of a gull on Bedruthan beach in Cornwall, is well balanced according to the rule of thirds. The main focal point of the gull, looking into the frame, is at the intersection between thirds and the horizon splits the top third with the sea forming a rough border at the lower third. This leads to a pleasing image with the movement from the sea emphasised by the stationary gull.

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