Saturday, 20 August 2011

Dividing the frame Ex 2 - Positioning the horizon

The following pictures show a local field near my home. I have positioned the horizon in various places from low to high in the image.

This low horizon would be a very boring image if the sky were not interesting. However, there is just enough interest in the cloud formations to make the image work reasonably well.

The second image has just a small amount more land. I was actually aiming to get the horizon about a third up the frame but clearly missed!  This would have been the optimum shot due to the interesting clouds.

 The horizon is roughly at halfway in this image. This is normally to be avoided in landscapes as it makes for a static image. However, the slight incline of the hill and the clouds again rescue the image from complete failure I think.

This image has the horizon around the 3/4 mark. The lack of foreground interest makes this the least successful image in my opinion. The image below has approximately the same proportions but a lower perspective brings slightly more foreground interest and makes for a better image.

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