Thursday, 10 February 2011

Part 1 - The Frame

After a madly busy couple of weeks, I finally have time to take some pictures for Part 1, which is all about framing. But guess what? It's raining! Ho hum, time to break out the lighting kit, buy my photographer's assistant some flowers and get on with it! I wouldn't normally be happy with the slightly grey background on these images but decided to use them as they show the frame.

My first picture shows a nice Gerbera against a white background. I put very little thought into the lighting or framing of this picture (although I still quite like it!)
ISO 200, 60mm, f/13, 1/13s
The flower fills the width of the frame in the next image.
ISO 200, 60mm f/13, 1/3s, 
The third image is a tight close up of the Gerbera using a macro lens:

The final image is a 'long shot', with the Gerbera taking approx. 1/4 of the frame:

Here are some different crops of the subject:
Crop 1

Crop 2

Crop 3

Crop 4

Square crops suit this subject matter but I also like the vertical crop 2.