Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Exercise 5 - panning

As before, I used my photographers assistant but this time, panning the camera along with the movement of the subject. The images were all taken at ISO 200, 24mm Raw format and lightly processed when converting to Jpeg. I chose a simpler background for this set of images and they proved to be much more pleasing to the eye because of this.

1/250  f/2.8

1/160  f/2.8

1/100  f/2.8

1/80  f/3.2

1/50  f/4.5

1/30  f/6.3

1/25  f/6.4

1/10  f/11

1/8  f/11

1/4  f/18

1/3  f/20

1/3  f/20
Learning outcomes
The background just started to blur at around 1/100 shutter speed but a real sense of movement became apparent at around 1/50 which was where the most pleasing effects occurred. I managed to keep the subject relatively clear up to around 1/10 but after this it was difficult to pan with enough accuracy. The effects after this were not unpleasant however, and I really like the sense of action a long shutter speed can convey. After 1/3 though, the images became unusable.

My two favourite images from exercises 4 and 5 are below:
Under normal circumstances, the movement in this image may be too much. However, with the busy background I think the exaggerated movement conveys a sense of drama the other images don't have.

This image shows just the right balance between background blur and subject sharpness. It is my favourite image of both exercises. I do like the effect in the latter images of this exercise, even if the subject is not sharp because it gives a surreal effect taking you away from the rather mundane scene.

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