Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Exercise 3 - focus at different apertures

I was rather limited in my options for this exercise. The bad weather, a lighting kit that has been delayed in the post and a sensor that needed cleaning on my main camera body were conspiring to make this harder than it should have been! I decided to use the pictures below despite the fact I was less than impressed with the quality of them. They do however, convey the effect of closing the aperture with a fixed focal point. Each image was taken at ISO 200, 55mm with aperture and shutter speed given below. The limit of focus has been marked in Photoshop (rather crudely)!
f/2.8 1/4s

f8 1.6s

f22 13s
Learning outcomes
The results clearly show that closing the aperture with a set focal point increases the depth of field of the photo. The larger apertures are often used by photographers to focus on a particular element of the composition. Landscape photographers often use small apertures such as f22 to get as clear a composition as possible.

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