Tuesday, 25 January 2011

End of intro

Well that's the end of the introduction. What have a learned? Well not too much technically to be perfectly honest because I pretty much knew all the techniques used. However, I did have to use camera modes I don't often use and I had to think a lot about how I was going to produce the images. 

Reading other student blogs has been a real eye opener because most of them seem to be going through the same doubts I had, i.e. trying to make each picture a world-beater when in fact there's plenty of inspiration to be had surrounding us.

One thing I've definitely learned is to read the whole chapter first and have a better overview of the types of photos I will require for all the exercises and the final assignment. I took each exercise as an individual project and the intro took me far too long to complete. I'm now going to have to get my skates on if I'm going to complete the first assignment in time and I feel like I've wasted a huge amount of time. All part of the learning curve I assume!

Onwards and upwards....


  1. Hi Dean

    Just been looking at your Blog which is impressive, well done. I think that to achieve what you have in 21 days is remarkable. I, like you have been a keen advanced amateur and at times even a semi pro and what this has taught me is poor planning = poor performance. I also think that imposing too tight a target time for completion is counter productive. What I would also say is that we are all so glad that Scooby started this Facebook group with 3 of us last September, it's been a great support to everyone. Enjoy the course and have fun.


  2. Thanks for the kind comments Richard. It certainly helps to know that a lot of students are going through the same things!